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Your Dream Camping Trip

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If you could take the time off work (if you work) and had the money lying around, where and what would be your ideal camping trip.

I havent thought a lot about it, but at first thought mine would be out west somewhere. Jacksonhole WY, or Yellowstone area. That is my kind of country out there, I think it would be awesome. Back the camper into an area where a nearyby stream is is rustling along. Fishing, watching the animals, hiking, etc...

Where we live we would have to take at least 2 weeks off to do something like that, but we will get out there someday.

Tell us all about your dream camping trip. Where would you go?
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We have some family out in California that we love and miss WAY too much.

I would love to take a camping trip across the country from PA to CA with the kids.

Drive a day, camp for a night or two, drive a day, camp again... until we got there!
That does sound like a long trip, but there are so many wonderful places to see between PA and CA. I think that would be a great trip.
I have never been to California. It has everything because of the beaches and the mountains. My Grandpa Weldon used to take my Mom and her sister to California every summer. We lived in Minnesota in the very north area. They would drive all the way in the station wagon. The joke was that he gave them a coffee can in the back seat. The first rest stop was in Wyoming. They took pictures and brought back a conch shell. It was beautiful pink and Grandma put it on the coffee table.
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