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You know when schools out when....

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Your car get vandled. some kids were out and about last night....I shold say this morning around 4:00am and thought it would be funny to smash the driver side side mirror off my car. :smack-head: My Brand ne 2008 Ford Fusion car. Well needless to say I lost it, called the Police, they filed a report and added it to the others. There was another car on my street that it happened to as well. I tell ya. What nerve. The officer tells me that they catch kids doing things and they take them home and tell the parents what they've been up to and all the parents say the same thing, " What do you want us to do about it? They don't listen to us. BLAH BLAH!" This is what the officer is telling me. He tells them all the same thing "Parent your kids" If a Police officer brings my kid home because he did something like this, He'd get a beeting of his life! :bang:
Thanks for letting me vent :comfort_:
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Same thing happened to me a couple of years ago took my wallet gps and a bunch of other stuff, same thing the cops told me so me and a few neighbours started a watch late at night and sure enough the buggers came back, needless to say they got chased outta the neigbourhood with baseball bats :whipyobut:.

I actually threw a rock at one and hit him square in the back, I bet he still has the bruise from that :thumbup1:
That's awesome. That's what we are going to do to. A bunch of us waiting up all night. I'm pretty sure we'll be all pretty much in the bag when they show up though. They were pretty loud last night too. No damage to report though.
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