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Okay...this question will probably show how new I am to this whole RV camping thing, but how do you winterize/de-winterize your camper? :scratchhead:

I live on the Gulf Coast of AL, so it may not be an issue for me, but I'm interested in what it means.
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I think it's important information for people who don't know what winterizing is. This is the perfect place to get the tips for temperature changes. My Dad had knowledge of engines (Cars, trucks, motorbikes, boats, and snowmobiles.) It is something I learned a few things about over the years. But I still need help with it.:comfort_:
I was going to ask a question about the weight of the motor oils you used. Do you use a heavier weight oil (40w) for the winter, and a lighter weight oil (20w) for the summer? I think my Dad used the lighter weight ones in the summer. I would love to hear what you guys do for oil. Right now the van has a lighter weight (20w) in it. It seems to work very well.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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