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Wind Deflector on your Truck?

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I have considered getting a wind deflector for my truck, although I think they are very unattractive :shocked:. Would it be very beneficial to do so for saving on fuel costs to make it worth the investment?
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I had a wind deflector on the pickup I owned a few years ago. It was a small GMC short box. I can't honestly say whether I got better gas mileage or not. The truck was so small and was a standard so the gas lasted forever anyway.

But I bought it to keep the bugs off my windshield and because the truck looked better. I got one from the dealership to match the color of the truck itself. I think way back then it was like an option to add when you bought the vehicle.
Are you referring to one of these used for towing? I know a couple of people that have them, but have not heard them mention and negative or positive about the gas mileage. I will ask them next time I see them and see if they have noticed any difference with it being installed and pulling their RV.
hmmm..........I think I may have misunderstood the OP. I was talking about a deflector but in looking at the pic that was just posted, I know I was talking about something different.

Sorry, I really don't know personally about this deflector.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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