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Who is camping where for Labor Day?

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I know everyone will be out camping this weekend, so where is everybody going?

We're pulling out Thursday night and going to Pin Oak at Natchez Trace SP. We will be there until Monday. Where is everyone else going?

And don't forget to take some good pics to share when you get back!
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Still debating.

We dont know yet, planning to go somewhere, may pickwick lake. Have an old friend/roomate coming in town this weekend thats begging me to stay home and cookout with them, so I dont know if we are going or not. Dont have reservations anywhere, although I do have friday off, so should be able to get a spot if we do go somewhere.
No plans here......leaving Sat morning and probably camping on State/National land somewhere. We have to drop our camper off Labor Day at our fall seasonal spot. So I imagine we will camp close to that campground out in the woods, to make Mondays delivery easier.
No camping this weekend. Though I will be throwing a bug bomb in the camper to get rid of fleas that we must have picked up last trip :no:
labor day weekend

spent the w/e with inlaws:comfort_: but was lucky to get a site at the township park across the lake :way-to-go:.weekend was soso but did our first geocache :thumbup1::thumbup1:.will do it again fo sho.boys had fun with the little boat


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Willie, congrats on the first geocache...and nice fish:thumbup1:
I am sure this will start a whole new conversation within the thread, but what is a geocache? I have heard people talking about them and seen it on various forums but I have no clue what it is.
Go to to find out. Basically, people hide things and you have to find it with your GPS. Most have a log book where you sign it then put on the website that you were there. Some have items with trackable tags on them - you're encouraged to move these to other caches (some even say where they would like their trackable to end up).

Sometimes they take you on a tour of a town. I saw one where each location took you to a cemetery, and to get the next coordinate you first had to get a clue from a riddle using the tomb stones ("What day was the third king born" referred to someone with the 3rd kid in family with the last name Henry, etc.).
Neat! That sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I'll have to check it out!
Neat! That sounds like it would be a lot of fun. I'll have to check it out!
Try it sometime you'll enjoy it. The kids enjoy it even more:thumbup1:
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