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Who Has Done Their Taxes?

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Ok, who all has done their taxes already, and who is waiting till the last minute?

We have ours done now, woo hoo :bang:
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We've done ours a couple of weeks ago as well. I hate taxes! :(
We had ours done last week and are getting some money back :thumbup1:, which is always a relief.
We have done our taxes as was not very pretty . We did end up getting 50.00 back from State.

We do both Federal and State taxes here. What federal don't get, state trys
All and all we did pretty good this year but we still owe $1000. No that's not a type-o. We would have owed more but we had a few good right offs. Next year will be better. We're spending an awful amount of money this month. First the back window now the taxes.....Dare I say it......What's nex.......No! I can't afford it.
Well, we did ours finally, got a little money back...Woo Hoo!!

I am not sure how it is in Canada Antigua, but here we always claim 0 dependants, that makes them take the most taxes out during the year. We usually always get money back that way. It takes more out of your paycheck during the year, but keeps us from paying at tax time and usually returns us money, because they take out more than they need to. We consider it a savings account :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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