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What type of vehicle do you tow with?

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I have a 19 foot travel trailer and currently tow it with a Ram 1500 4x4. Gas mileage is terrible with it, about 8 MPG towing. I am thinking about getting a diesel next year, not sure which one I want. I really like the Ford F250. Any thoughts out there? I want good mileage, reliability, and comfort.
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I started out with a RAM 1500, 1/2 ton, pulling a 30 Ft 5th wheel. Of course I didn't do my research and listened to the RV dealer and he stated that my truck was more than enough. I knew that it wasn't 'more' than enough, but figured it would be ok, since it was a 5th wheeler. After pulling the camper a few trips and realizing that there were more exciting things to do while going down the road other than make sure there was a gas station in the next 50 miles, I traded in the 1500 and went with a Ram 3/4 ton 2500, with a 5.9 cummins. The best move I ever made. Not only did I more than double my pulling MPG from 6-8 mpg with the 1500, to 13-15 mpg with the 2500 diesel, I also have more then enough power to pull my now 37 ft 5th wheel. I sometimes wish I would have went ahead and got the 3500, but I don't regret the non-pulling 23 mpg I get when I drive to work.
The F250 is really nice. I'm a Ford guy myself. Both my grandfather and my dad worked for Ford as I once did. My wife works there now. We pull with our 2006 Ford Explorer. It does a really good job but the milage sucks. I think diesel is the way to go. I hear Ford is coming out with a F150 deisel for 2009. I'll wait to see the numbers on that one.
really, never heard of the f150 diesel, have to look into that. the F250 king ranch is super nice
Here on this site they've been talking alot about the new 2009 F150 and what to expect. It looks like it'll be a winner.
I really like the 250 and the 350 Super Duty. Looks real sharp.
very interesting, didnt have a clue that was in the works. heard anything about the mpg on this
I haven't seen anything yet and I wouldn't expect anything until next year some time. That being said, I would guess it would be about the same as the F250 or better.
oh man, now I will be hearing about getting a new truck again. Thanks! :dead:
LOL, that's funny. When he does go out and get one of those diecast models that Costco sells and tell him you bought him a brand new truck.
Lets stay focused here people, only the best will do

LOL, that's funny. When he does go out and get one of those diecast models that Costco sells and tell him you bought him a brand new truck.
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Now that's nice! Sorry glfortner, after your husband sees this, I'm afraid there will be a lot of talk of a new truck. I know there will be in my house.
this is the husband, why do you think i chimed in so quickly :10220:
All i want is for the family to be comfortable and have plenty of room while traveling.
AAAHHHHH! Sorry about the toy truck thing.....LOL. It would be a funny gag gift though. I can't believe I didn't make that connection! Any how......Sure is a nice truck!
hey no problem, i know my wife, she has probably already thought about doing something like that, would be too suprised if santa got me a nice king ranch, that i have to wind up :)
I'll take a super duty with a plow on the front it right now. I wouldn't mind plowing my driveway in a nice warm truck.
Todd, what is the gas mileage you get on that "OLD" dodge RAM. :dead:
Time to get with the program and purchase NEW :10220:
when towing i get between 7 and 8 MPG, depending on speed and terrain.

I would love to purchase new, however the wife got a new van, so daddy is left out in the cold.

However, I am accepting donations currently to the "I need an F250 truck fund"
thats the only way you will be getting one anytime soon, a fundraiser....:whip:
Oh no!! The boss is following you around again. :whip:
I was just at this site and they have photos of the new 2009 Ford F150. Looks pretty good. check it out.
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