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I know it doesn't really count as "camping", but here goes anyway.

My cousin and I have four children between the two of us. Ages 7, 6, 5 and 4 at the time.

We rented a modern cabin at the State Park close to my house. We both want our kids to have a passion about the outdoors, and I wanted my kids to get hooked on all the fun camping stuff before I try to take them tent camping.

Well, since it is a MODERN cabin, with heat and electricity and a fridge... we focused our energies on bringing things like mountain pie supplies, smore making stuff, and fishing gear.

We got the kids tucked into their nice bunk beds and covered with some light blankets. We had given the kids some glow stick necklaces earlier in the evening so we could keep track of them in the dark. We strung the glow sticks up on the bunk beds for night lights and then my cousin and I settled in on the couch to chat.

About half an hour into our chat, the lights went out. You wanna talk about dark!

Luckily I had a propane lantern that I brought along to help see between the camp fire and the cabin. We sat up for a while via lantern waiting an hoping for the power to come back on.

Eventually, we decided to try to get some sleep.

I had never truly understood the statement, "the silence was deafening" until we laid down in that bed and tried to sleep. I also don't know if there is such a statement as "the dark was blinding"... but I have never felt so devoid of senses in my whole life.

I laid there with my eyes squeezed shut, in the dead silence..... and I TRIED to be brave. I casually said, "Gee, it is awefully dark, huh?"....

Almost as if we shared a brain... My cousin said... "yeah, do you think the kids would miss it if we snagged one of those glow sticks?"

I was out of the bed and all but running for their room to get us a glow stick almost before she finished the sentence.

We laid there with a fridge full of food that was not staying cold, in a cabin that was not staying warm, and snuggled that glow stick like it was a stick of pure gold!

Yeah... we had a primitive camping experience in a modern cabin that night!

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Yeah, sounds like you did have a primitive camping experience, but wasnt supposed to be :)

Not a scary thing, but a dumb thing I did once was camping with some buddies in his camper. I am a usual tent camper, so I didnt know alot about campers. He unhooked the truck and unlocked the door, so I wanted to be helpful and go in and get things in order. Well, I didnt know that a camper could just tilt all the way back when you didnt have the jacks down. Well, it can, and it was on a hill, so it slammed to the ground and I durn near had to change my drawers. I just knew I had tore the thing up and would be buying this one. What made it worse was when I walked out, all the neighbors were having a blast laughing at us. I lauged it off once I realized nothing was damaged, but needless to say, I wont do that again.

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something dumb

Although this wasn't our fault, it turned out that it made us feel dumb. We were on our way to my Dad's ship's reunion in Minnesota and were going through Iowa. We had 36' Bounder we bought new, but still had tons of problems with it...more stories later. This time, as in the past, we had the thing gone over before we left, from the washer fluid to the transmission fluid and everything in between. (We had has a problem with the tranny and the manifold numerous times, but we were assured that all was okay.) We got to the Amanas and heard that "noise" that we all hear and try to ignore. Nope, can't ignore this so off the next exit we went. When we did, there was an unmistakable trail of something following us into the lot. It was the Amanas exit and there was a welcome center:welcome: with a very nice restaurant and a small clothing store. It was around 4 pm. and very hot. We called from the welcome center (no cellphones then) and the nearest garage was 30 miles away, but they suggested they come in the morning as it would be quite late when they got there. Got the okay to stay and tried to make the best of it. Okay, turn on the generator and get that AC such luck. The AC worked okay, but the smoke detector went off and wouldn't shut up. So, off went the generator and we sweated and so did the dogs:sad: It finally got dark and it did cool down some. We got ready and went to the restaurant and had a great meal in a barn type setting with the tables being set in horse stalls. We stopped at the shop and I did what most women do to feel better...bought something. Next morning, the wrecker showed up and off we went on the back of another I said-more stories. Got to the garage and they put us in a nice, shady spot. We were told they didn't know how long it would be before someone could show up. I fixed lunch and one of the mechanics came down and looked things over. He was on his lunch hour, but he had us drive up to the garage so he could get a better look at it. When we sat in line, another camper came along and told us we could use his motorhome if we had to stay while ours was being fixed...campers are GREAT people. The mechanic got under the thing and found that when we had it gone over before we left, they had overfilled the transmission fluid and it "burped" and the excess trailed out. Thank I said, we say that alot! We weren't charged anything, how about that? We didn't have to pay for the tow, as we had the good sense to get insurance coverage for these types of events...and used it time after time. Again, Thank God.:clapping: We continued our trip with no further problems. It did teach us to ask when we had the thing checked over, to make sure it didn't get overfilled again...
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