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We are New and wanted to say hello :10220: ,and put in a funny story we have of fishing with the kids.When ever i think of it it makes it hard to wait for the weather to break so we can get back to camping.We camp at a wonderfull place here in Iowa.It is right beside Bentonsport Iowa on the banks of the Des-Moines river.It is a wonderfull quiet little camp surrounded by a small woods. BUt here is the story before i wander again.

We camp right next to a river.We walk out the tent

and ten feet away is the river.Yes we cook anything that is good sized we catch.
This might sound funny but one summer we got to the camp late at night.At sun up the kids wanted to fish.We hadnt been to a bait store yet and hubby thinking fast went to the truck.He grabbed the left over chicken mc nuggets the kids had the night before.He walked the grandson to the bank and baited his hook and tossed it in. The grandson thinking he knew it all pouted that nothing would bite that.Smiling my husband walked back to bait our daughters pole and called back over his shoulder."Just be ready and hold on".
Before he could get our daughters pole baited the grandson was screaming for help.His pole was bent over and he was giving it his best to reel the fish in.My husband calmly walked over to him and took the pole and brought in a big old carp to shore."WOW" the grandson said as he and grandpa unhooked the fish.Hubby threw it back and walked up the bank.Grandson followed closely and just kept asking" how did you know grandpa?"My husband didnt say a thing.He just baited our daughters pole and told grandson to help her while he re-did his pole.Long story short the kids caught 14 fish that morning.Seemed like as soon as a line hit the water it had a fish on it.All my husband ever told the grandson was never think you know better then someone about something.It may make a fool out of you.
Later that day he took them to a bait shop.As he got worms and minnows for the kids the grandson ran up to the counter and asked for MC Nuggets.The poor clerk looked at my husband and hubby just laughed and told grandson to go get a soda.He told the clerk what happened and the clerk couldnt stop laughing.Hubby showed him the pics off our camera and the clerk said he was going to let others know about the new bait.
As we packed up at the end of the week the kids wanted to fish while we packed.Hubby said that was fine with him.They had a blast together as grandson acted like big brother to his aunt (our daughter) who was 5 to his 10 years.As we packed the last stuff the kids were helpping with their gear and had brought the tackle box back.Suddenly our grandson cane running."Grandpa did you get the poles allready?"he asked."No"My husband answered.They went back to shore and the chairs were there,the pole holders were there,but no poles.My husband went down the bank and looked around.He found our daughters kiddy pole hooked to a bush.
When he grabbed it the line was taught and he started reeling it back in."Ok whats it caught on?"He said.Pulling harder he reeled in the pole that grandson had been useing.Our daughters hook had caught the reel handle or grandsons pole.He quickly grabbed the other pole and tossed the kiddy pole to our grandson.Now with a dripping pole he started reeling in this line.The reel was whinning and hubby was laughing loudly."I dont beleieve this !""They caught a fish on this one and caught it with hers".As he got the fish closer to shore he told grandson to unpack the net fast.He walked out into the river and got the fish close to his leggs.He reached down and grabbed the fish with his hand in its mouth.He yelled at the grandson to forget the net.He laughed so hard i thought he was going to fall in.We were all amazed when he lifted up a 20# flathead catfish.
Well you can imagine the trouble we had getting it cleaned and iced down as everything was put away.Hubby asked grandson what he had put on for bait?He puffed out his chest and said" he had found one of grandpa's magic Chicken Nuggets in the bottom of the tackle box".
Now here is the funniest part of the whole long story.Having to ride for 3 hours home with the grandson and our 5 year old daughter yelling and argueing about who's fish it was.Grandson's pole caught it,but daughters pole caught grandsons pole.When we got home my darling husband took both kids in tow and started the grill for our lunch as i started unpacking.He promtly settled the disscussion by cutting the fish in half and said you caught this half for your dinner ,and you caught this half for your dinner.Both kids smiled and hugged hum and eachother.As they ran off to play the asked when we were going back?
Sorry for the long story but i allways chuckle when i remember this story.And every summer makes me remember.


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My Northern ice fishing trip

Ok, there I was... Isnt that how its suppoed to start :shrug:

We went up to MN for christmas and I wanted to do some ice fishing. So about 5 of us went out on the lake, setup a fish house, drilled some holes, drank some "cokes", shot the bull, etc..

So we are having a good time making fun of each other, I am a good ol boy from the south, they are northerners, although they like to call themselves midwesterners which I never understood. If thats the midwest, I need to go back to school :rotflmao1:...maybe mid northerners?? another soapbox for another day.

So nothing is biting, except the drinks, for hours. We are sitting in these tiny chairs with our little ice fishing poles, picture grumpy old men on the lake fishing, very similar. Finally I get a bite. I start reeling this thing in, get it all the way to the top and can see the decent sized crappie and it manages to get off the hook right at the top. So I reach down to try and grab it as it is trying to get back down the hole, and apparently reached a little to far over and the chair came completely out from under me and I went down hard. As everyone is laughing hysterically what they failed to realize is that my arm, as I tried to catch myself, went straight in the fishing hole and I somehow managed to grab the fish and bring it up. I was wet all the way to my shoulder, but I just looked at them and said, "Thats how we do it in TN".

Kind of a need to be there story, but we had a blast that day.
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