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What is your favorite camping activity?

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What is your favorite camping activity? Mine are sitting around the camp fire, Playing games on my Lap top, go for a walk alone....
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I'd have to say mine is sitting by the fire. I actually look forward to the fire each night. I love to shower, then get into something real warm and long to avoid the mosquitos then just sit there in front of the fire thinking.

The flames really help the imagination. It gives me a chance to snuggle up to the kids and get them rested before going to bed.
Yep, sittin by the fire is on the top of the list, and cooking. I love cooking and we do plenty of that when we camp
Just playing with my kids and having water fights. At night after they go to bed, I love to sit around the fire with Michelle and relax and look up a the stars.......Still January huh! Com'on summer! I'm with you though I love to cook as well. Breakfast seems to be the one I'm really good at according to the kids.
I am with you, I am ready for some camping. The wife is wanting to take a weekend trip in the next week or too, I wish we could go camping, but the weather is hit or miss right now. Was 70 degrees yesterday (bad storms, tornadoes), but its in the 30's today. I am not ready to de-winterize just yet.

I have never been that great at breakfast, but my wife makes some mean pancakes on the griddle. Now come lunch time and supper time, I have that under control. I always have my grill with me and enjoy cooking all day. A lot of times i will grill a boston butt (we call it), its a pork butt roast, put it on the grill indirectly for about 6-7 hours, it will melt in your mouth. And dont even get me started on cooking some ribs :thumbup1:
It sounds very tasty and delicious to eat and easy to prepare. You must enjoy using the grill for cooking. Some men find it relaxing, and everything on it tastes so nice.
I would have to say the best part of camping for me is the hiking-although down here we haven't taken to many trips to where there are hiking trails--I would really like to go to the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area--Smoky Mountains to camp. Lots and lots of trails there.
Hiking is something to be enjoyed by everyone. The girls favorite thing to do is hiking. Sandy Bottom Park in Virginia has numerous trails, and we've gone on several. Mountain hiking sounds really good. I haven't done the mountains. We have driven around the Appalachians, and stopped in the woods to feed deer, though.
We like going for long walks. It is not really hiking because the kids are so young but they each carry their own little knapsack. She has a Dora and he has a Diego. They think they are going into the jungle to help animals like on the tv shows.

They're real little troopers, though. They can go out for a long time and if we are lucky, they get to see some of the wild animals and the birds in the trees.
What are the ages of your children? A knapsack for each sounds wonderful. I think that these activities keep their interest. Being outside and surrounded by woods are great for walks too.
I love dancing around the campfire in the evenings .I uae to dance and sing aroud the campfire with my girl friend . In my opinion campfire is the most enjoyable part of the camping .

I have a few... Cooking, eating, enjoying the campfire at night, and fishing are my main camping activities. If I am not doing all, or at least most of these, its just not a camping trip for me.
Dancing around the campfire sounds very nice. I've seen it on a movie right? What a way to enjoy your campfire and get exercise too. The fire is so relaxing just to look at it and smell the burnt wood.

Gathering by the campfire and enjoying the scenery around us. We also enjoy bike riding
My favorite activity is dancing around the campfire in the evenings . I really enjoy dancing around the campfire .
When I was a child and we'd go camping I loved looking at the lake. My Dad has taken us to probably all 10,000 lakes in Minnesota. Not Quite! Boy we tried though. You have Red Lake, Swan Lake, Buck Lake, and some didn't even have names. There's Lake Superior, and we even went to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. That place was amazing it had such huge rivers! They were running right under those bridges. People were crowding in there putting their canoes in the water. It was so busy. A sight never to forget.:shocked::shocked:
I am with the majority here...... The campfire is my favorite part...

Building it
Cooking on it
Snuggling around it

Yeah... I am just a campfire pyromaniac!!!
I was telling my daughter about t building a fire. My Dad used birch bark for the inside part of th campfire. We had lots of birch trees, and it's very flammable. I gather it in a big pile for my Dad. He'd use all of it, and he'd add larger wood pieces. Dry one are best. We all helped gather the wood for a fire. The best part is the smell of burning wood.
Sitting around the campfire having a few drinks with great friends is Number One on my list!
A huge breakfast in the morning takes care of that nasty hangover from all the nights activities!!.. LOL

Number two would be getting a picnic table out into a clearing and just gazing up at the stars, if you get far enough away from the glare of the City Lights it's amazing what you can see in just a short period of time!

Awe camping that's the life for me...
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