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What is the big deal with Airstream campers?

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I am SHOCKED at what these cost. Are they rare or what?

I work in auto claims, so I know what a nightmare dents are... and I just see these turning from the mirror finished silver bullets in their ads into a dented up mess.

Airstream owners have their own forum and it is massive. This past June they had over 1,200 members logged in at the same time.

Tell me guys, what am I missin?
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I'm a tent camper, but if I was to get a trailer... I think it would be an Airstream....They are so cute! I would like a vintage one, but for now my trusty old tent will do :)
The Airstream camper trailer is lightweight and easy to tow behind any vehicle, that is one of the major deals I think. Especially with the gas prices like they are, being able to tow something with a V6 would be great, versus a big gas hog truck.
I don't get it either-I think they are so ugly. I would think they would be hot with all that aluminum siding. I don't know I guess you either love them or hate them.
I have to agree with you glfortner I think they are ugly too...

I know they are nice and light and all that but for me they just dont do it for me at all??
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