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A friend turned me on to Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce last fall;
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Since then, it has almost replace ketchup on our burgers and dogs

What's your favorite?


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I like SBR's as well. haven't tried on dogs, but have on burgers... bacon cheeseburgers to be exact ;) goes well on venison that has a strong "wild" taste, too.
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For me personally, it depends on what I am putting the sauce on. I enjoy SBR BBQ sauce on ribs and on chicken. But for pork, I make my own sauce. (For what is known as BBQ or pulled pork.) I make a Carolina vinegar based sauce. I also use it on chicken occasionally, but I add some Grandma's Molasses, honey, or syrup to it. For pork, the intent is to have the sauce seep into the meat. For chicken, the intent is for the sauce to stick to the outside and become the consistency of a glaze. At least, to the delight of my taste buds.
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