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What is better for cooking when camping

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Hello all,

My wife and I are have a discussion about what is better to cook with while your camping she thinks propane is better. I told her it wasn't camping if you did use charcoal. I told her that charcoal was better.

Help me out here. What is better Charcoal :icon_smile_bbq: or propane .

Tony :shrug:
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Hi Tony. Welcome to the site. Most people I've seen around the campgrounds use propane. Personally, I like to cook over the firepit. That's the best by far but I do all my cooking with propane. I have an attachment (called the propane tree.) on my 20lbs propane tank that I can attach all my cooking appliances to at the same time. It's quicker and with two hungry kids, speed is everything.
I always use charcoal or wood coals. I bring the smaller 18 1/2 weber charcoal grill with me on every camping trip, and either use that or cook right on the fire. To me either is better than propane for camping. Just my 1 cent
Propane for coffee pots, boiling water, cooking pancakes, bacon, etc. Charcoal (or campfire coals) for the rest.
Well, I say charcoal, but then again we often use propane as well. So, both I guess.

For boiling water etc, we use propane or when we are really roughing it, the microwave:)

For cooking your meats, use neither. Nothing beats an old fashion fire in the pit or fire rings like good ole oak wood split. Its a little tougher to get going but well worth it in the taste of your dinner.

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