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What are the best tieing knots to use for securing things on top of the car?

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What are good knots to use secue things on top of the car?

Looking ways to learn the best knots to tie to secure things on the roof. I have a roof rack. Thanks
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Personally I am useless when it comes to tieing knots. My knots just come apart and I lose things. I really should be good at it because I took sailing lessons years ago and that was part of the course but I can't remember a thing about the knots.

I did happen to find a site that claims to show you how to tie "the 10 most useful knots". It does have pictures and comments so I think with some determination a person could follow it. Here's the link

And Good Luck ~!
I just went to that website. It has some great knots. Thanks for the link!
Very useful link, thanks. I didnt know you could tie so many knots :)
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