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went truck camping twice

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I wentt truck camping twice and I have to say I hated both times. Once was a van type thing and it was so cramped it seemed to me like we were sleeping in the car.

The other time, it was a truck with a camper on the pickup part (there is a name for that but I cannot think of it right now).

But anyway, both seemed to ne a nuisance because whenever you went into town, you basically had to take your camp with you. I know it suits its purpose for some people and situations but I really didn't find it to be too much fun.

I sort of felt it was more work than a tent or other type of camper.
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I have never camped like this before, never had much desire. it doenst look cozy at all, at least the ones I have seen on the back of trucks. I guess it would be better than the nothing, but I think I would rather tent camp myself.
I always kind of thought those truck campers were better for hunters and fisherman. The guys that are getting up so early in the morning and moving from place to place.
Yeah, I think they would be good for that, or even some like nascar races and stuff. I have been to taladege a few times, and it would be perfect for something like that. But I dont think I would want one as a full time camper.
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