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Well back to the grindstone

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The holidays are gone, for me anyway. Had to get back to work :bang:

Hope eveyone had a wonderful new years, cant believe another year has come and gone. Seems like every time a new year approaches, I get older. Is this normal? :D
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Same here, sure hate to be back. Oh well, I guess there is worse things in life. 2008, man I cant believe that :scratchhead: Seems like a couple of years ago we were all freaked out about the year 2000, and now its '08 :shocked:
Yea this is the way how life goes on .It is really frightening that an other year of life has gone. This is quite normal thinking I believe.
The year 2000 with all the panic that came with it. I can't believe all of the worrying was about computer failure, and the end of the world. It seems so dumb now doesn't it? Life keeps going on and so do we. Back to work for most of us. Americans sure know how to work. We are the best at that right?
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