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Week long trip next week

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Although we have camped 4 weekends since the end of April here in Connecticut, our favorite week long trip is around the corner. We like to go after the 4th of July weekend to help keep site cost down. We go to a place called Hidden Acres in Preston, CT. Simple family campground with tubing down the river that runs along the grounds. Our goal is to stay at every campground in CT, so far we have visited between last year and this 9 different campgrounds, but Hidden Acres always seems to get the week long visit and a few weekends, love this place. So where would poeple recommend to visit up in the North East?
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Sounds like a great plan rong. I would like to hit all the local campgrounds around here as well. Of course the farther they get, the harder it becomes. How far have you traveled away from home so far?
Have fun. I wish I could do a week long trip. But its hard for me doing Asphalt/Concrete for a living, and it being a seasonal job in my area.

Post pics of your trip when you get back.
Yes, that does sound great. We hope to go for 4 days over the 4th, thats about as good as ours will get. Would love to take a week or longer trip. Would love to see some pics from up there too, I know there is pretty country up that way.
ctfortner we have only traveled 3 hours away from home, I'd like to try something down south some day.
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