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Waterproofing a tent

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I have an old nylon tent that I just LOVE. It is about 14 years old, and has lost it's ability to repell water.

I have seen the products in spray cans for waterproofing, and wonder if anyone here has ever tried them. Do they work?

There is one by Coleman:

Have I mentioned that I REALLY LOVE this tent???? It was made before they started making all tents with mesh on the top 3/4 of the tent which is awesome for keeping the dust out and the body heat in!

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I have had good luck in the past with Mcnett Thunder Shield. Looking at the coleman brand, I would bet it would be good also, just never used it.

I actually hear that thompsons water seal is awesome for canvas tents, supposed to work real well and last for years. However, its not recommended for nylon. Whatever you go with, let us know what works!

Both the Mcnett Thunder Shield and the Coleman are silicone bases sprays.

Come spring I will have to see what is cheaper and give it a shot.

You know me... I am good for a product review! :thumbup1:
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