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Wall Doxey State Park

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Well the weather is gonna be nice this weekend, so, we gonna take a camping trip down to wall doxey state park just outside of holly springs, ms.

I am so pumped and excited to be going camping again !!! It has been way too long since we camped last......
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Have a great trip take lots of pictures, then come back here and tell us all about it
wall doxey is only about an hour from my home. we've haven't been there in 6 or 8 years. post some pics after the trip, i'd like to know if they made any changes. we liked it, it's just close to home so we usually head a little farther out. have a good one.:thumbup1:
I'm jealous. Went up to my seasonal site yesterday, still have 3 ft or better of snow and the roads aren't plowed. Had to walk in. Guess it's going to be awhile.
Have a great time and enjoy.
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