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An article over at Hack-A-Day got me to thinking more in-depth about vehicular hardware; onboard computers for the mortal man. :) They've taken apart an Amazon Kindle over here: Ubuntu 9.04 on Kindle 2 - Hack a Day

Now, this is a foreign device to me. No one I know is likely to buy one, and I don't (yet) meet enough people to run across one. But look at the keys- the display. And it's running Ubuntu Linux, just as mine is, right now.

Mine is an old-tech motherboard-on-a-sled design that's sold, flexible to changes and such, but it lacks a touch-screen and a keyboard.

Is there anyone here that tinkers with laptops? I don't mean Facebook from a laptop, but changing out displays and making them work outside their intended role... I'd really like to have something more than the web-based control panel I have, now...

And what other onboard computers are people using here?
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