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Valentine's Day!

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Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

My son spent extra time this morning working on his hair (all 1/2 an inch of it) and I thought he was getting ready for his special Valentine in school..... and low and behold... he asked ME to be his Valentine!!!!! I was so honored!

Even if he is only 7... I have the sweetest, most handsome Valenting going!!! :)
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Happy Valentine's Day

What a nice valentine for 7 years old. I don't have any boys. I did help my youngest daughter with her valentines at school. She has a party today, and my middle ones have a dance to go to. It's on Friday, they are excited. Today we have snow outside. I had over an inch of the puffy stuff.:10220:
Yeah... I have a 16 year old sister and she is looking forward to her Valentine's day dance this weekend also.

We got 6+ inches of snow and then some ice too this week. My kids had a two hour delay on Monday, a snow day on Tuesday, and should have had an early dismissal yesterday.... but they had school today, and thank goodness so they could enjoy their Valentine's day celebrations.
Thats great Kiteri :thumbup1:

I got some flowers and card and going to cook a nice dinner for the wife tonight. happy valentine to all the ladies, no offense guys :comfort_:
Happy valentines everyone. Awaiting my flowers today :whipyobut:
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