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Uploading Pictures To Your Posts

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Attaching files into posts is only possible if you are using the Post reply option, or starting a New Thread.

The Quick reply doesn't support attaching files into posts. The menu is intuitive and is displayed after clicking on the [Manage attachments] button from the options.

You can either upload a picture from your computer, or you can use tags to display an image from another internet location (covered in a new topic).

[U][B]Upload A Picture From Your Computer:[/B][/U]

1. Start a new thread, or simply click on Post Reply on an existing thread. Again, Quick Reply will not all you to do this.

2. Click on the little paper clip in the toolbar.

Another option is to scroll down on the page, and you will see a manage attachments button.

This will open a new window, allowing you to manage any existing attachments, or upload new ones.

You will notice there is a file size limitation here, this is in place to keep page load times down to a reasonable manner.

3. While in the Manage Attachment area, simply click on Browse, and locate the picture you want to upload.

4. Once you have located the picture and selected it, click on upload. Once you see the file has completed uploading, you can close the Manage Attachment window.

That is it. When you submit your reply or new topic, the thumbnail images will be there.

5. For more advanced usage, you can put these attachments where you want them to be, as I have done with all of the pics in this tutorial. So, you put the cursor where you want the attachment to go, then click on the paper clip again, and it will list all the files you have uploaded. You can click the appropriate one and it will put that particular file where your cursor is.

Again, for step 5, make sure your blinking cursor is set to where you want to picture to appear, because it will insert the picture to the spot your cursor is in. Its easy to accidentaly insert a picture into the middle of a sentence if you forget this step.
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