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Ugh...the weather

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This weather is killing me. I want to get out so bad and do something this weekend, but its going to be colllldddd. In the 30's and 40's. I need a wood burning fireplace for my tent, then I could handle it. :rotflmao1:
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Hey... cold weather just gives you an excuse to snuggle in the sleeping bag longer, right?

I actually rent the modern cabins at my local state park in the off season to still get to enjoy some "camping" when the weather is too cold for the tent!
Yeah, thats the way to go. We are doing that this weekend, cabin on a lake just to get away. I cant sit in the house another weekend
Sandy Bottom has those cabins, and I saw them. They look very nice and roomy. The wood fireplace is needed. I don't mind being cold as long as I come in and warm up. I was raised with the cold, but we always came inside with the wood stoves and fireplaces. They warm your bones.
Tough to beat the wooden fireplace, thats for sure. We rented a cabin this weekend in Smithville TN on Center Hill Lake, just to get away. It had a gas log fireplace, not the same, but it was better than nothing. It also had a hot tub on the deck, that was the best. It was 15 degrees outside, and we were in the hot tub, which was 102 degrees :scratchhead:. Had a blast, until you get out to go in
Well that sounds luxurious! A hot tub and cold weather outside. It reminds me of when we were kids. I went into the sauna, which was HOT. Then we would sit for a few minutes. Then, we'd race outside , and dive into the chilly lake water. Then go right back and do it again.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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