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Traveling with a firearm

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I have have a few firearms, that I often like to take with us. Well, I only take one of them. I was wondering if others travel with them as well, and what kinds of things should we be aware of while travelling with firearms.

I wont be trying to cross any borders with it, just US travel. I know some states have reciprocating firearm carry permit laws, but I havent looked into it a great deal.
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Not sure on the laws Mikey, but I do travel with mine often as well. I dont have a permit, but i keep it in a locked box, seperate from bullets and all that. I just feel much cozier knowing I have it, mainly depending on where I am camping at.
I was raised with firearms in Minnesota. My Dad had several guns, and always had permits for them. I have shot all of them except for his big gun. I had to get a gun certification first, then I could shoot them. When it was hunting season he's buy those licenses. But he'd either go camping or hunting separately. I don't remember him bringing a gun to camp with us ever.
Yes, I always carry mine, anywhere. I have a carry permit as well, so if its legal where I go, it goes with me. If its not legal, just hide it better :)
We don't have the same gun laws here in Canada. Unless you are in an approved hunting area, you don't carry a gun. Anyone carrying a gun would be taken down pretty quick by the Police. The right to bare arms here in Canada just doesn't exist. However, that doesn't mean they don't exist because there are a lot of shootings in the Toronto area and other cities that make me wonder. My grandfather up in Fenelon Falls had a few riffles looked up in his gun cabinet. He was in the middle of nowhere and he used the for hunting.
If its not legal, just hide it better :)
:10001: good answer
Well its just the truth unfortunately. I cant even hardly watch the news anymore, its all about who got shot, what gang did what, sickening. What is the world coming to??
After YEARS of weekend-warrior style camping (both of us were working full-time), we've recently retired, sold the house, cut-the-cord and are living/traveling full time in our RV. Rented a storage space (couple things that would make setting up another home easier), donated a TON of stuff...and put the guns in the RV.
Used to boon-dock camp... thus DH felt much better with the shotgun handy.
Now that we're seriously contemplating exploring Canada this year...think we'll drop the guns into storage. Just don't want to find myself stammering if a Canadian Mountie asked me if I'm packing heat! YIKES!!!
Welcome Bludog to the site! :welcome: It's sounds to me like you have really earned the time off from years of working. Most of us who are presently working at home, or a job, need it too. But you are more in a position to do it. So I wish you best in your future travels with your wife. We'd love to hear about where you go. It's a very brave thing to do, with going into an RV full time. (You guys aren't hippies are you?) Just kidding!:10220:
Hello Grace...Thanks for the welcome.
Nope...not hippies. Both of us missed that action...I was a geeky bookworm and DH was noise-to-grindstone during that phase of American history. :rolleyes: Sort of 'forced' into retirement by our corporate lives. Will the last company moving out of California, please turn off the lights...:bang:
Kids out of the house and on their decided to see a bit of the country, look around for possibly new digs/employment.
Only pass this way thru life once.
Take care my friend. :icon_smile_bbq:
I always travel with two. One that I move between the drivers door pocket and the shelf next to where I normally set, and a second in the night stand next to the bed, each with a round in the chamber. Locked up and away from the amo doesn't seem to afford much protection in my mind.

What's more, with all the stuff you read in the newspapers and see on tv I am usually packing when I'm out of the RV. I am licensed and trained and the KS license is recip in most states. In those that aren't: I figure the only way they are going to know is if I end up in a shooting, and if i survive we will work through the legal problems later.
Never felt compelled to bring one with us even though the whole family enjoys the range. We have three handguns, and want to add a shotgun to the collection.

Only one camp off I-10 in Florida did I feel unsafe and we simply took a poll as we were driving through and we opted to pull out and go further down the road to find a better quality camp. However, we have always felt perfectly safe at the various TX state parks but on a trip to WDWorld, DW researched parks and only considered those with websites and ratings in the KOA book. Granted our experience is limited but she did a fine job picking out the parks.

First impressions say a lot. The net and the KOA book can only render so much. We pull in, take a hard look, and if the place looks "shady", we open the Monster drinks and keep driving down the road till we find the next one.

The only other place(s) I've felt uncomfortable was at rest stops where sometimes vagrants (often with their otherwise innocent kids) are trying to beg for gas money. Once w/ DW one got a little pushy and we had to be a little stern with him to "vamoose".

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Well that rest stop sounds like a pretty scary thing. We drove with my Dad all the time. I agree about the rest stops being very dangerous. I will mostly avoid them because of the same reasons. My Dad loved pulling into truck stops if we could. He also knew all the great diners along those major highways.:10220:
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reply to firearms forum

Both of us being retired law enforcement, we do travel with firearms. Our first line of defense is our dogs, best alarms there are:thumbup1:, but unfortunately these days, one needs to be prepared for the unthinkable. We are dealing with a different society nowadays and it is scary. We would much rather be alive and deal with the courts, as was stated previously, than having to have our families plan our funerals. And with the economy the way it is going, it would appear the worst is yet to come. It may become a matter of survival and we intend to survive.
Yeah I carry when camping. I camp out in the desert a lot and some are remote areas. Never know who might show up!!!
I feel much better just knowing that if I ever needed my gun it is there close by. I keep it out of sight and out of mind (and away from the grandkids when they are around) but in todays world you never know. I work offshore and am in Trinidad but headed for Rio de Jinero next week. Being gone alot I like to know my wife has Sam Colt staying with her when I am away.
I'm not sure of the legal aspects but as a District Attorney told me his philosophy was "I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6". I agree.
Have fun in Rio, beautiful place. Hope you know some Portuguese, its tough gettin around over there without it. We went there last year, luckily we had someone with us most of the time who was from there and spoke fluent english and portuguese, otherwise it was tough :bang:

I feel much better just knowing that if I ever needed my gun it is there close by. I keep it out of sight and out of mind (and away from the grandkids when they are around) but in todays world you never know. I work offshore and am in Trinidad but headed for Rio de Jinero next week. Being gone alot I like to know my wife has Sam Colt staying with her when I am away.
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