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Travel to Spain

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Cadiz Spain, historically is a place of great voyagers and also believed to be one of Europe's oldest city. It is shaped like a tongue, protruding from one's mouth to Cadiz bay. It's a perfect place for summer! It has forty-three (43) villages where you could spend your stay comfortably. The best thing is that, it is affordable, yet, full of cheers and beautiful place to see! The beaches here are very occupying, since its not crowded. You will really enjoy your vacation with this beach that is so clean and peaceful! There are Cadiz property to choose from, mainly, its villas for rent. Such are in good condition and well- furnished to live at. All are in great location for the family and friends to enjoy in!
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Thanks for the info adalia. I have never been to Spain, but I bet there is some beautiful country out that way. Do you do a lot of camping there?
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