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* 1 lb. of Ground Chuck
* 1 sm bag of Baby Carrots
* Garlic Powder
* Cajun Seasoning (optional)
* 4 large Potatoes
* 1 medium Onion
* Salt and Pepper
* Butter or Margerine

How to Prepare:

Use either the tin foil bags or create your own (if you make your own, be sure to double up the tin foil). Divide ground chuck into four even pieces and break up into four tin foil bags. Cut each potato into small pieces into each bag. Slice onion medium size pieces and separate into each bag. Add carrots and butter to each bag. Season to your hearts content! Cook on an open flame or throw it right into the coals. Takes about 45 minutes to an hour but it's well worth the wait.

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Wow, I have heard this recipe for the first time but it sounds very tasty, all the ingredients are my favorite. Gona try it dude. Thanks.
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