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I have decided that I need another plastic hard case, to carry gear.
I typically use these from Harbor Freight (because I am more than a little penurious (cheap)); but only get them when they go on sale (so I am going to wait, and watch).
View attachment 3088

They store under my cot (measure yours to make certain they fit) and come in multiple colors (to let you easily find the case that you want).
Note; I have no affiliation with HF, or wally-mart for that matter but they sometimes have good deals on stuff; watch what you buy a lot of it is cheap chinese junk)

I already have a couple of these cases and they are acceptable quality (good or better), IMO.


Have you tried Nanuk cases? I own several and I think their quality is impressive. Quality cases are kind of addicting to collect. I haven't tried that particular type from Harbor Freight but I noticed there are side latches on it which I don't think Nanuk uses on their designs. Not a bad idea for durability to protect expensive gear. I'm gonna go check it out. I need another one for a collection of things I plan to keep handy in my vehicle.

Is the interior pick-foam or does it come with closed cell foam options? I can't tell from the photo. Thanks!
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