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I know that times are tough for many but; what do you want/need/desire to help enjoy camping more? ...I try to do as much/many make/do-it-yourself (DIY) projects as possible to keep the costs down.

I just ordered the parts to make a second ceiling light for the tent. This one will help light the front area of the tent (hopefully)...

Here is a pic of the old one, that is used inside the tent.
View attachment 3087

some parts will be a slightly different shape...ordered the parts from amazon (around $35, if I recall correctly). I will need to pick up a long extension cord to use as the cord when I go to wallymart tomorrow. I will try to post a DIY thread, with a parts list, after I get all of the parts.

I got another tent, propane stove + lantern, a top carrier that uses my weather stripping since I have no racks on car, dishes to cook on, a George Foreman portable grill, extension cord to use to plug in kitchen applicances at electrical campsites, an electric portable two burner cooker, a metal grill to put on portable stove, metal grill to put over fire, refreezable ice blocks for cooler, an electric heater to use on colder nights in our tent or if cabin camping... cabin.
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