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I was surfing amazon yesterday and spotted a "improvement" on an old Idea;
called a camp stove mini heater.
View attachment 3126

Its a variation on the old "coffee can" heater attachment that used to (and might still) be available for single burner Coleman camp stoves.
This one is supposedly made to fit many camp stove burners.
By looking around I found one priced just under $11 (they all seem to use the same picture in various orientations) and decided that it just might fulfill (be worth a gamble?) the occasional need to temporarily take the chill off of the tent; i.e. when people come to visit during the occasional rainy/sleety/ snowy, spring storm.
It seems to be a bit over 4" in diameter and around 5" tall, and from the pics is probably made of extremely thin sheet metal.

I have tried many tent heaters and have fallen back on a small can of fake fireplace fuel (gelled alcohol) for temporary emergency heat (and fire starting; a singe teaspoon is sufficient) as the most compact, packable, tent, heat source available. We well see if this can perform as well (It should pack in, almost, the same space as the gelled alcohol can).

I'm not going to hold my breath on this accessory as it is probably junk and will, likely, end up tossed in the trash...

...but we will see...

what about the old trick of placing a clay plant pot upside-down over the camp stove burner?
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