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Ordered some 1-0 cables to connect the battery to the inverter; they are heavier than needed for a 100 amp connection but If I get another, 12 volt, 100 AH, LiFePo4 battery, with another 100 amp BMS; and parallel the two, they will let me max out the inverter, or even go to a bigger inverter for; More Power (2400 watts, for limited periods of time)...


Edit; I am pondering the potential advantages (and downsides) of microwave camp cooking and induction heated pressure cooker camp cooking... ( I suspect that air fryers take to much energy at this point)...
...I hope the weather patterns change, soon (bringing rain, to eliminate fire bans), so I can go back to campfire cooking and simplify...

We stopped fires a couple years ago. Seeing burned forests and then the burn bans have influenced our decision. We haven’t traveled places that prohibits our white gas stove so we use it for outdoor cooking. We have a couple of small bottles we carry fuel in. Our stove doesn’t use a lot of fuel and doesn’t take a lot of room.
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