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The United States Civil Flag of Peacetime

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Flag Flag of the united states Rectangle Font Flag Day (USA)

So, yesterday I was watching an interview of a gentleman. I'm sorry to say that I do not even recall a word he said due to the flag he had displayed behind him, in the room in which he was seated. My thoughts at the time was to wonder "What sort of bastardization of Old Glory is THIS?" And wondered what the significance/meaning of it was.

In some digging, I found these two links which have brought to light a little bit of history behind it. I'm sad to report that in my 63 years of being on this earth, yesterday was the very first time my eyes have witnessed this rendition of our flag, and that there is a history of its use. Here are the two links I found to help bring it to light.

The United States Civil Flag of Peacetime "... through usage and custom, horizontal stripes had been adopted for use by military posts, and vertical stripes adopted for use over civilian establishments. The Civil Flag, intended for peacetime usage in custom house civilian settings, had vertical stripes with blue stars on a white field. By the Law of the Flag, this design denoted civil jurisdiction under the Constitution and common law as opposed to military jurisdiction under admiralty/military law."

The Lawful Path

My question, which I invite to discussion is, within today's society, what is the proper use/display of this rendition? And, why are we only acknowledging the military rendition of Old Glory everywhere these days?
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US Civil Flags

American Peace Flag, Jan 2004


"We wanted a flag that would address the deep need in Americans to awaken and return to a time when our government was not “Big Brother” hidden under the name of the Patriot Act! Just as some surmise how the Sons of Liberty turned the British East India Company’s flag on its side; we also decided to turn Old Glory on its side. We wanted the flag to represent our modern Union of States, we chose to create a flag that had 13 vertical stripes and 50 blue stars on a white background: One star for each Sovereign State of the Union of the united States of America! Our civilian flag is a way of reminding Americans, as well as our leaders, that every man and woman is free and that we are all endowed by our Creator with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This Civil Flag is a symbol of our desire to return America to the dreams upon which she was founded!"
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