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The first snow flake hasn't fallen....

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And I am already thinking about camping season 09!!!!

I have been hogging up the "good sites" at my local state parks by reserving them online.

I have a cabin at Glendale Lake for Memorial Day (it is still too cold at night to tent camp here in PA).

I have an AWESOME tent site for July 4th weekend at Prince Gallitzin State Park in PA... AND the same site for July 31st weekend since that is their "Moutain Days" event.

I reserved a cabin at Racoon Creek State Park for the weekend before school starts in August for "one last hoora" before I send the kids off to school.

Anyone else as OCD as me for 2009??????? :D
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Our camping season isn't quite over in the south but I am already thinking about next year, too!
Yeah, the weather is just right here now. In the low 50's in the mornings, low mid 80's during the day. Dont know how long it will last though. I am looking forward to no more grass cutting however :)
man would love to see 50 degrees in the am

It was -4 celius this snow yet but lots of frost....the bush is beautiful...the camper is tucked away for the winter but we cant stay inside so have been out 4 wheeling...wearing lots of orange so the hunters dont mistake us for a moose...:thumbup1:
:shocked: Oh my gosh!!! There is no way I could hack it in weather that cold!!!

I was upset that I had to break my heavy coat out before November and streak outside to start my car so the frost melts. I really can't imagine living where it gets that cold this early.

well then I guess you dont want to talk about the will actually get colder then that in Jan/ you know why so many of can hardly wait to escape.......I have lived here all my life.......we had snow and frost on the long weekend in May..
Chilly here - only 66 today :comfort_:

That's why I live here :thumbup1:
I jinxed myself. I woke up to a blanket of white before November even arrived!

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Are you serious? Man, I would be depressed :) It was in the mid 70's here today.
I would be green with envy, if I wasn't so busy being blue!!! (both because I am cold and because it is depressing)

My kids thought it was GREAT!!!!!

You gotta love trick or treating in winter coats!!!!
we have caught a break

We have been expierencing some awesome weather.....was 19 degrees here yesterday...have been doing a lot of 4 wheeling...the bush is so beautiful and smells so good....but the snow is coming back...its raining right now with promises of getting colder tomorrow..... We seldom have Halloween without snow but none this was great...

We should be able to get in another bbq or two:icon_smile_bbq:

I love the north but the winters are getting longer every year...longing for the time when we can boot down south come Nov...and join all you guys.

Come on down anytime, be glad to have you. I do enjoy the north, only to visit though. Beautiful, just tooooo cold for me.
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