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Hi all.
Family Tents. two types of material, 100% cotton and poly-cotton both these types of material will allow moisture to pass through the sheet and stop it condensing inside the tent.
Synthetic these tents moisture will condense inside the tent and run down
the wall or drip, it is often thought that the tent as leaked when this occurs for the first time it is used.

WEIGHT. The breathable tents normally weigh 50% more that the synthetic tent.

COST. The cotton/poly-cotton can cost up to 200% more than the synthetic tent.

LIFE SPAN. This depends on how much it is used and how well it is cared for.
Ultra Violet from the sun is the killer of all tents, treated cotton is much more resistant to UV than Synthetic. How long should we expect our tents to last with normal use, This is just my opinion with information gleaned from reading and years of camping
Cotton tents looked after and used 8 to 10 weeks a year should last 20 years.
The treated polyester tents used 8 to 10 weeks a year will start to deteriorate after about 6 years.
Please note that is just my opinion no one can say how long will my tent last,there is two many if;s:shrug:
I will give you a few links for the best tents in Europe

The most popular tent used in the UK is the Outwell
Outwell Tents, Outwell Camping Equipment, Outwell | Buy & Review Online Now |

For small family's and groups who may have to carry a tent tent-tipi
Tentipi Tents from Sweden - Tentipi the premium scandinavian tent

Now we come to what many consider the best tent make in the world
the DeWaard Home | De Waard Tenten

Last but not least is the Safest family tent ever made also the easiest
large family tent to erect and strike This tent as been tested to gale force 12 and is probably the most expensive:smack-head: My new one is due for delivery this week:thumbup1: the Karsten
Een camping tent voor jarenlang kampeerplezier: Karsten Tenten
YouTube - Karsten Tent Display Newbury 17/18th July 2010

I hope you find what we do over the big pond interesting I don't get to camp as often as I like, as I am now registered disabled but the ease of the Karsten tent will allow us to go more,
I spend my time now on UK forums Here is a link to my camping web site
Home - Welcome to Camping With rexgrant

Have a nice Day


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A hint to help with new tents leaking, is to set them up at home and run the hose over them, let it dry completely, then do it again (or several times). This helps tighten up the fabric fibers so that the fabric can develop the water resistance. Here's a link explaining some of this:

The Camping and Caravanning Club - Tent fabrics
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