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Tent Campsite prices.

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So… since we are all spread out geographically, I was wondering if you guys could let me know about what the campgrounds you frequent charge for a site.

I am looking for the rate for two or three nights, not the weekly rate. Thanks!
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I was wondering if the weekly rates are more than the daily ones? Sandy Bottom has a list of their rates that they charge. They also give campsites on first come first serve basis. They also rent boats and paddle boats, and canoes. I prefer boats, but I have gone in canoes too. A paddle boat looked fun to the girls. That four little people with life jackets that I'm responsible for. So I always go in small numbers. I know how to swim well, they're still learning.
Well, I know that when you divide the weekly rate out.. it is less per night than when you rent it for just two nights....

I am mainly interested in weekend trips, so the weekly rates are not something that I can take advantage of.
So you need the prices for the weekend rates for camping. When I looked for hotels, the weekend prices were higher than the weekday ones. I guess many people want the weekend rooms. Sometimes they even had a calender to pick the days from.
I dont typically tent camp, but I have seen the rates at the various campground we visit.

On average in Alabama, the tent sites are $12-$16 per night, of course depending on the campground, whether its lake front or not, etc...

There are many campgrounds that have an RV campsite, as well as a tent pad too. Some dont charge for the extra tent there, and some do, usually a smaller fee than the above price. That works out good if you have a tent camper and and a camper all going together.
That seems like a good price for a campground. I was thinking it was higher priced such as $25 per night. I always like to get deals. If you are right next to the lake, that a perfect location.
$25 per night is what I typically see for lake sites with full hookups. Tent camping is generally cheaper, but it all depends on where you go. I have seen some places charge the same for tent as a camper, depending on the spot. If its a hot spot, they want to best rate, regardless of what your camping with.
Thanks for the information about the prices. It seems right to me. I think that is worth it, and you can always take extra just in case.
Strange thing I've seen around her is a security deposit for tent campers. or a higher daily fee for tent campers. Seems usually tent campers in our area are younger groups who party more and leave a mess. So campsites(private) charge them more for the difficulty/headaches dealing with them.

It really sucks for the tent campers who aren't that way.
I guess we had a deposit on the RV we rented. I did forget about that but I am guessing the prices are going up. Usually rented items are damaged. And so they want to keep something to help pay for it. But not everyone who rents them trashes them. So, we feel that it's money wasted instead of properly used.
Roadhouse, I have to agree with the private campground owners ENTIRELY as a sister to a 16 year old punk!!! They should charge more for their trouble to deal with punks!!!

HOWEVER, when I roll up to the front gate with two kids in booster seats in the back and ask for a tent site, I doubt they will charge me "full price" because they are gonna know that I am not going to be a problem!!!! :rotflmao1:

I know that a lot of places charge the same for a site whether you are in a tent or a camper because all sites are equipped with electricity and water, regardless of whether a tenter uses them or not!
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