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Stopping by to check in!

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Hey everyone! I've been away for awhile so I thought I would check in. Boy, have I missed a lot!

CT, congrats on the twins! They are beautiful!

Heruide, happy to seen you are doing much better!

Happiestcamper, congrats on being the new mod!

Kiteri, I'm still on pins and needles waiting to see if you take the leap!

We've been camping three times so far this year and are looking forward to our next trip in June. We've had to slow down on our camping since my husband has had some major cuts at work. :bang: I miss my camping time!
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AMY!! Man I thought you had left us for good, glad you came out of hibernation :10220:

Thanks on the twins! They are great kids when they are sleeping!

We are all waiting on Kiteri's big day. It is going to happen, we just don't know when.

We are missing our camping time too. We will not be venturing out any this year with the new additions.....Next year????:shrug:
I won't be staying away that long again. I leave for awhile and you go and have twins! That was a shocker because I had been away so long that I didn't even know you two were expecting. *Kicks self* I guess it's not all bad. You missed me begging to see the ultrasound pics! lol
Glad to see you back, thought yall went camping and forgot about us here!
Now how could I ever forget everyone here?

Thanks, mailfire!
There you go - she'll never forget us even though she may go away for long times :rotflmao1:
Good to see you again Amy glad your still camping :10220:
Amy, Hi and welcome back. I'm sorry I missed your message before but better late than sorry.

I'm just glad all of you are still here. I was hoping I would come back to familiar faces and here you all are! Yipppeeeee! :)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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