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sparrow hawk

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i think it's actually a type of falcon instead of a hawk. there's lots of hawks around but don't see many sparrow hawks in this area. i thought she was gone cause i hadn't seen her in several months. she used to roost under my camper shed until one night when i went to get something out of the camper and she flew out in the dark right over my head. bout had to clean my drawers out after that. anyhow, glad to see her back, hunting mice from her favorite perch. barely can see her in the very top of the tree, won't let me get to close. she's been around for 4 or 5 years now.

no camping pictures, best i can do.
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glad to see there is some else that likes birds. i feed them up at the trailer. there are a lot of different kind come into feed.
every now and again i get a red tailed hawk paying a visit. haven't been able to get a picture of him yet. he gets after my chipmunk buddies.
this is a picture of my great bird dog diesel. he made friends with a nuthatch. Dog Carnivore Dog breed Working animal Plant
he would probable kiss a duck.
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