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I see a few people are interested in tent recommendations and picking a tent.
Selecting a tent is highly subjective (depends on the user, their desires& expectations as well a how they camp so, IMO, there is no single best tent for camping.. I personally select from one of 3 options, depending mostly on the lengthof my projected trip, so even for myself there is no single perfect tent.
While surfing the web I started looking at "how to" articles pertaining to tents and found a relative few articles from a number of sources on tent selection. Note some of these are from stores or online vendors and this is in no way meant to advertise or recommend them, I provide these links simply to give access to the information that they provide and recommend shopping around both to increase folks' awareness of potential options and to expand their knowledge base, and thus hopefully make a better decision.

"How to Choose a Camping Tent"

"How to choose Tents for Camping"

"How to Choose a Camping tent"

I am certain that there are other articles that I have missed... feel free to surf the web for more articles & view points...


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I own two tents, the Marmot Tungsten 1P (3 Lbs. 8 Oz.) for walk-in campsites more than 3 miles, and the Kelty Discovery Trail 2 (4 Lbs. 14 Oz.) for walk-in campsites less than 3 miles, both have footprints. The two tents can be assembled fast, are seam sealed and remain dry inside during rainy days and stay upright on windy days.

Plus, I have a Grab-n-GO Bag with a Yama Mountain Gear 8.5 Ft. X 8.5 Ft. SilPoly Tarp, a Redcamp 36 In. X 83 In. Footprint, and a OneTigris Bushcraft Mat 26 In. X 50 In. (emulating a tent floor) for a combined weight of (2 Lbs. 6 Oz.).

Video with the tarp and footprint shown (mat not shown): SilPoly Tarp + Footprint
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