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Snow Cream Recipe

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Thought this may be appropriate for this cold weather.

Snow Cream Recipe

- 1 cup milk
- 1/2 cup sugar
- scant 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
- large bowl of snow (about 3 quarts)

Blend milk, sugar and vanilla. Stir in enough snow to make snow cream to an ice cream consistency.

You can also substitute canned cream for milk or add Nestles Quik for a chocolate snow cream.

Make sure the snow is clean. It takes at least one to two hours for snow to clean the pollutants from the air, then use only snow that has fallen after that first cleansing snow. Do not collect the snow where animals and birds eat or use the bathroom.
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This is a really neat recipe. We used to to do it all the time years ago when I lived in the west. The snow stayed longer and you could easily find areas that had clean snow.

But now that I am back in the eastern part of the country, the snow is quite nasty fast.

It makes this little recipe that much more of a treat when you get to have it.
We used to make something very similar to this years ago, but we dont do it anymore. Mainly due to the snow being so dirty and the polutants in the air etc... Just doesnt seem to be as safe as it once was, shame
I came from a place loaded with snow. I have never heard of this. But this looks interesting with the vanilla in it. I use my vanilla for cookies, cakes, and French toast. Maybe, I get some snow, and give it a try. We're expecting snow tomorrow. The weatherman says so. I'll let you know.:thumbup1:
Great stuff, used to make it all the time back in the day. Havent made any in years, but it only snows here once every couple of years if we are lucky.
I found this link with some snow pictures. We haven't gotten any yet, but perhaps later. It always calms me down just looking at it.


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We havent seen any either, but it has been really cold. Cold enough to know I am glad I am not camping right now, although I would like to be, just a little warmer.
Here I thought this was something only my inlaws did because they didn't see snow that often. Growing up in Minnesota, I never heard of "snow cream" or anyone doing this.
I have never made this, but I have heard about it. We were always worried about the snow and the pollutants that may be in it and how dirty it is. Does sound good though
Snow must not be as pure as it used to be. I don't recall drinking it though. Even where we lived in Minnesota, it was much cleaner than living in a big city. That is still true today.And in places like Alaska with the oil it is pristine wilderness. We need to get some more oil If you ask me. We have too many regulations about it.:shrug:
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