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Slick Guy Line Rig

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Paracord and Delrin 1/2 Inch Dowels can be used to ready make some Guy Lines for quick set-up, especially in inclement weather. You can get three 20" sticks of Delrin for $20 on Amazon, cut 'em to 1 1/2" lengths as toggles and drill a hole large enough to thread your cordage through.

Make up a bunch of 'em at 6' length, hank 'em up for storage and deploy 'em when needed. He shows how to daisy chain more than one if you need longer Guy Lines. Never hurts to have a few extras. And with three of those 20" rods, that's a LOT of toggles at 1 1/2" each. You won't be losing them either if they're secured to your line with a stopper knot.
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