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I am so happy for you that your man is back home Nina!!!

I understand the decision you are grappling with. I have wanted a camper for seven years... when we bought our truck in 2001 we had the tow hitch installed for our "dream" camper.

We just can't take the risk. As much as we would LOVE the camper... we don't want to have an extra loan to pay on if our jobs go the way that so many in our area have.... AWAY.

We haven't given up camping, we just do it in a tent during the nice weather and rent cabins during the off season.

If your financial situation is really sound (and with the military, I imagine it is), you might be able to take on the loans with more confidence than me!

Life is short... and you should enjoy it while you can... I just don't know if debt that I pay on all year long is worth it for something I only use for 4-5 months out of the year!
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