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Selling Home and Hitting the Road!

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We're in the process of selling our condo, buying a camp trailer and hitting the road. We have decided to go with a camp trailer and I think we will have a couple of months before we need to buy our trailer. Thought I'd join a group to learn the pit falls to avoid and tips on travel. I was raised in Alaska in the 60's-70's. My parents took me camping almost every weekend in the old style camp trailers we owned. I hear things have changed LOL. I've been all over the internet looking for camp trailer ratings, but unless I buy a book or CD, it appears nobody is just going to give up information on the qualities of the different makes. This looks like a great site to learn.

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Thanks for the warm greeting!

I guess our first trip will be to where ever we purchase our trailer. That will pretty much decide our plans. We are in Tulsa so it's a great starting place since it's in the middle of the US. We ultimately want to got the Keys. We are both from Ocean states and are having panic attacks from not seeing the ocean in over 10 years. My Husband was raised in Florida and he wants to go home for a while. We are definately not in a hurry so we though maybe going to search for dinosaur bones in one of the western states. We have also talked about heading for the ocean going through Alabama to Florida and heading around to the keys. AND it sure would be nice to try out our fancy metal detector at some point along the way.

I've been pricing trailer spaces in the Keys and they are more reasonable than I had originally thought. We plan on buying a smaller, but ocean worthy boat, emersing ourselves in fishing (we LOVE fishing) and snorkling. If and when we want to leave we'll just sell it. The response I get from everyone already in the Keys is that it will eventually get boring. I say, trade ya for Tulsa! But that's the beauty of your house being on wheels! Bad neighbors, bored, too away! I'm lovin it.

What forum should I post questions on for researching the different makes and models of trailers? That's the topic I want to start with. We plan on keeping our Durango to pull it. I need to know about trailer brakes, (reminds me of Lucy and Dezi in the Long Long Long Trailer!) trailer weight versus vehicle load capacity and things I havn't even thought about asking.

I also want to learn from everyone elses mistakes since we have a habit of making plenty of our own mistakes LOL!

Looking forward to being a member of the group!

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Thanks antigua. I'll check into them.
Right now we have an 03 Durango SLT 4x4. We are contemplating an upgrade to a diesel. We want to purchase a trailer in the neighborhood of 31 feet with at least one slide, hopefully two slides. If the transmission goes out pulling the trailer, we figure it would be more cost effective to purchase a bigger vehicle than replacing transmissions.

I think our first destination is somewhere out west. We want to dig for dinasaur bones! Does anyone have any opinions on where the best place is to do this activity? We also have a fantastic metal detector and I'm getting ready to find sites that are rich in history so that we can play with our detector.

Our final destination is the Florida Keys. We have been under so much stress for the past 3 years with our business finally ending up as a failure. We just want to lay on a beach, buy a boat, and kick back. The biggest worry I want to deal with is "Hope my line will hold that big fish!" We already have our ocean fishing rods and reels!

I've joined a group called It' a new group and I find it is helpful getting to know people ahead of time, rather than just pulling in and trying to figure out the culture. I've also contacted the Chamber of Commerce down there and have received many brochures from each of the islands. I was surprised to find that RV lots there are affordable. About the same amount as renting an apartment.

I just found my little sister that was born and adopted out a year and 4 months after I was born and adopted. We will be buying a trailer with the extra bunks so that they can come out and stay with us comfortably where ever we are. I found my Sister on Dec. 5th and already her entire family and I are extremely close. We talk just about everyday on the phone. I've had to switch plans to accomodate all the phone calls! I just added about 20 people to my immediate family! I'm excited about my young nieces and nephews. We will be able to show them many parts of the country that they would otherwise not get to experience.

We have a potential buyer! Hopefully they will be able to get financing. That's the only thing that has come between us and our plans. We are so excited!

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