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Selling Home and Hitting the Road!

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We're in the process of selling our condo, buying a camp trailer and hitting the road. We have decided to go with a camp trailer and I think we will have a couple of months before we need to buy our trailer. Thought I'd join a group to learn the pit falls to avoid and tips on travel. I was raised in Alaska in the 60's-70's. My parents took me camping almost every weekend in the old style camp trailers we owned. I hear things have changed LOL. I've been all over the internet looking for camp trailer ratings, but unless I buy a book or CD, it appears nobody is just going to give up information on the qualities of the different makes. This looks like a great site to learn.

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Welcome Molly. I have a Starcraft Travel Trailer and before that I had 2 popup tent trailers made by Boniar. I don't know a lot about all the campers out there but as I researched each of the different manufactures over the internet and their building methods I found that the Starcraft was the right choice for us.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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