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Hello all,

I was looking for a tent to suit a specific outdoors event that myself and several friends attend. We go to a campground where a monthly roleplay event is held (effectively living a fictional character in a fictional setting for a weekend, but acting it out in realtime) and we need a good tent that can double as a small taproom/general store for the event. For this, I'm asking if there is anything out there that meets these specifications:

4 season tent
Cabin tent if possible, room enough for average-height adults to stand upright
Two or more rooms in said cabin tent
Sleeping room for 6 people minimum, but since it will be serving as a fictional bar in a tent-city, room for 8 to 16 people would be desirable if possible.
If one tent cannot meet all the other criteria and still fit 8 to 16 people, are there 6-person tents with doors at each end we could put door-to door to make one big tent?

I recognize that I may be asking for more than I know, and if there are any logistical reasons why this can't work (tent structure vs snow etc) please let me know. I'm asking here because I searched and had a hard time finding a tent that could meet all of these criteria including being a 4 season tent. This event happens every month, including winter months.

Alternative: Is there a way to add tarps or supports or something to make a 3 season tent into a 4 season tent?

Thank you for any feedback or suggested solutions to this inquiry.

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