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SE Michigan camping

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If you would like to camping in SE Michigan our camping club is looking for new members. We are based out of Imlay City. Our club belongs to the Family Campers and RV'ers ( fcrv ) National orginization. You do not have to be a member to camp with us, come as our guest. We camp from April thru October. Our 2008 schedule is pretty much set. If you are intrested message me back.
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Welcome to the site gordito!
Hello Michigan, :welcome:
Welcome to the community. There are a lot of friendly people here and there is a lot of good information out here.

So what kind of trips do you take? Do you travel all over Michigan, or even outside of that? Sounds like a lot of fun, do you have a lot of followers?
Welcome to this spectacular site! It was a miracle when I found it. I've talked to people from everywhere in the United States. I am originally from Minnesota, and it is very nice to meet another Northerner. We have some from Canada, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Texas, California, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. We love camping and hearing of others adventures, too.:welcome:

Now that is a nice welcome...

With the club we have set rules that we can only travel up to 150 miles with out the rest of the clubs approval... maybe I need to tell you more about how we decide. We elect "wagon masters "... usually two couples and they decide were we go and themes for the weekend.... This is my second time being wagon masters... as the last few years have went on we have changed our traveling... because of the wicked gas prices.. we have 4 young familys with young children ... trying to make it in michigan... so the farthest we are camping this year is a little over an hour away... we usually have between 6 to 10 familys caming with us every outting...

Now My wife and I also camping on our own... and we have traveled from north western PA. to the upper penisula of michigan.... so of you may not know but you can travel for 10 hours in michigan and not leave the state... LOL...

We dont stop getting together after the camping season... we have a christmas party with pot luck dinner and santa claus... have a card party in jan.. and march we all go out to a restaurant.... we hold meeting at ever outing to pay the bills and hash out ideas... we also put in floats and such at our local festival In Imlay City. Well I guess thats enough babbling... if you have any questions.. shoot me a line... and if you are in the area look us up...
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Thats great. Sounds like yall have a really good group of folks. The gas prices are really causing some issues with campers. I think many still go as usual, but like you, they have to change how far they will go.

I think thats great that you have so many camping families that are able to get together like that. Its even better if you actually all get along :shocked:
getting along

That was a recent issue we had... we lost 4 familys to not getting along... they started another club which we also plan on attending a few of there functions.... we stayed pretty neutral in the whole thing....
Welcome to the site gordito214.
Cant blame you there gordito, thats the only way to win, or at least not lose, stay neutral.
Paris Landing

HEY, While I have you here... have you camped at paris landing ? my brother lives in clarksville and we fish at paris landing so I have thought about hauling my camper down there..?
We have never camped at Paris Landing, but I have been there a few times. Its about 2 1/2 - 3 hour drive for me. A friend of mine has a place at the lake there as well, although not right on the water. So when we head down that way, they always want us to stay there with them.

They have a start park campground, and there is also a KOA there too, which I have not been to in person. The campgrounds looked nice and I havent heard anything negative about them, I would definitely camp there. I have also heard good things about the KOA there.

If you didnt want to haul your rig there, they do have cabins at the place also, but thats just not near as fun.

KY lake is great lake, it is huge. Very pretty out that way. Let me know if you ever head down that way, may meet yall over there if it worked out.

LBL (Land between the lakes) also has a couple of campgrounds out that way too, they are nice as well. One member talked about it here

HEY, While I have you here... have you camped at paris landing ? my brother lives in clarksville and we fish at paris landing so I have thought about hauling my camper down there..?

I have fished the marina several times there .. always get my share of bass.... never make it out of the marina with my brother to site see....

maybe next year... I will have to make it down there around easter....
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