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RV Insurance

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Wanted to check out what kind of rv insurance you have.

I currently have rv insurance through progressive, and if I recall correctly, I have at least the following items.

Total Loss Replacement
Personal Contents Coverage
Towing and Roadside Assistance Coverage

I am trying to determine if the rv insurance I have is enough, should I have different coverage, less coverage, etc.. The rates are quite reasonable, so I have no complaints there, but mainly want to make sure I have enough insurance coverage.
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Our camper insurance is though Nationwide. It pays 100% of content and replacement. I believe its around $17.00 a month. Not bad for such a big investment. It also covers theif, if you are broken in, both at home and while camping.
I don't have RV insurance, but I have house and car with State Farm. The price you quoted seems low for RV insurance. The house I have everything inside covered. The lightning storm took out our phones, TV, and patio set. They covered all of it. I got for replacing them all. That was a few years ago. Now, I get a discount because I have no claims with them.:thumbup1:
We have progressive rv insurance.

We pay $260 a year and have


I may check into the nationwide, it seems like more coverage for less cost
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Progressive sounds similar to what I'm paying now. When I got Sate Farm it was years ago. Virginia is a state where you have to be insured. It was less restrictive in MN. So I just did the basic lowest coverage when I started. Now it's full coverage because of the van. Every year it's less money for insurance. But when my 16 year old daughter gets on, it's going up.:bang:
Thanks for the info. I will have to login and see what my monthly rate is and what all coverage is included. It may be time to compare with other companies.
I've seen medical insurance with a side by side comparison. That's much better because it's easier to compare. Otherwise, you're visiting the other websites for the same information. You can also pick for individual or family.
The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association recommends that policies for travel trailers and pop-ups should include the following:

All-risk comprehensive coverage
Vacation liability for emergency motel and meal expenses
Fire department services
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