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RIP - to the fallen

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You call it Veterans Day, we call it Armistice Day. 11 November 1918, 100 years ago today, all hostilities ceased, the end of World War 1. Casualties, millions. My husband lost his Uncle David (The Royal Artillery), buried in the Commonwealth War Cemetery in Erquinghem-Lys, Armentieres in France, killed on 22 April 1915. My Grandad (Army) survived WW1 with a shrapnel wound to his neck and my dad (Royal Navy) survived WW2
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Hi. We have Memorial Day coming up the end of the month to remember our fallen. Everyone gave some but that day is for those that gave all. Salute you for taking time to remember them.
Thank you Paco. The same goes to your country and the fallen. I always have time for the heroes. When coming to the end of our holidays, usually end of June/start of July, we would have the last 3/4 days in northern France, to visit David's grave and also visit other places as well. Visited Omaha Beach cemetery when visiting the Normandy landings area. Very sad.
Brilliant Sammy. The EU are now grumbling that we are vaccinating our people faster than them, and are attempting to stop any more vaccines coming over to us from Belgium. That's the one that's made by the German/US. The problem is that we tested and past the Vaccine as being safe before Christmas. They are still testing it. At the end of the day, they've 27 countries worth of scientists and chemists to do this work, we have just us. Why can't they do things a lot quicker? :)
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