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i realize i was planning on an outdoor shower setup, with my camper, but as i was looking over the tub base that came out of the camper, i had thought the drain was broken from the base, when in fact the drain tail-stock is all that was broken. so it will be easier to put back than i thought. just put on a new tail-stock, and re-install the base.

now, it is quite clear that the walls around the tub are in pretty bad shape, so i will have to replace the paneling there first. for water-proofing, it had fiber-glass sheets on the walls, but those were in bad shape (hence why the paneling is also in bad shape). so i need to find something to make a surround with. my first thought, is to use some plexiglass or lexan sheets, and seal the corners with a good grade sealant. but at this point, i am almost leaning toward getting a little bit of sheet aluminum, and attaching that to the walls, overlapping the tub mounting flange so the water drains into the tub, and then sealing the corners. there is the chance of the aluminum warping with thermal expansion and contraction, but i don't think it will really hurt anything.

i am debating on what to use for the water valve. i like single handle mixing valves, but they don't do well with freezing, so i would have to make sure i use air to blow out the valve well, every fall. it would arguably be easier to just use a regular RV shower/tub valve. either way, i need to make an access panel on the other side of the wall, in the kitchen space, for access to the back side of the valve for install/maintenance.
i will be upgrading the plumbing supply lines with PEX tubing (red for hot, blue for cold), so in the event of a slight freeze-up, the lines will be more resistant to bursting. i will be making provisions for draining the lines, like drain valves in low spots.

i have not had much ambition for a while now, so not much has been done on the camper. perhaps today will be a good day to putter on something. i would like to get started on the battery box, and the electrical portion of the cabinet area, as so much hinges on how that is laid out. i have been hesitant to put screws in the floor in the area of the tanks, as i don't know how much clearance there is. i think there is some 2" X 2" floor "joists" between the flooring and tanks, but i need to verify first.

as the battery box and electrical cabinet is of a necessary minimum size, i will just build it, without a CAD drawing, as it simply needs to be what it needs to be. then i will figure out the rest in CAD. some stuff won't be figured out in CAD, as it just is what it is. for example, the couch/dinette will be built to fit the space. but when i get to the kitchen cabinets, i will need CAD to figure out the best solution for the space.

i do have some scrap lumber kicking around, and a full 4' X 8' sheet of 3/4" Advantec that i can build the battery box with. mostly a matter of motivating myself. ;) i am currently on my second cup of coffee already, so being a bit wired from caffeine, i may just be little chatty. ;) on the plus side, my mind is at work on getting some issues solved that have been bugging me. just a matter of making notes so i don't forget.
81 - 82 of 82 Posts