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none yet, my finances tanked
wanted to elaborate, for clarification.
i work for my father as a carpenter. lately we have been sub-contracting for another contractor, i will refer to as CJ.
as has been mentioned, i am Autistic. the fateful day at work, i was extremely overwhelmed by the number of people buzzing around, as well as one guy running a jack-hammer to break up some concrete to build a shower pan in the bathroom. so very chaotic, noisy, and unfavorable for a Autistic person to stay zeroed in on task.
so CJ walked up to me with a very confrontational attitude, and right in front of all the other workers, and proceeded to tear into me, up one side, and down the other, because for a moment i was standing motionless.
CJ is unaware i am Autistic, and likely wouldn't care anyway. but because of CJ's actions, i was so very close to a full-blown autistic meltdown, i was litteraly shaking.
as my father was my ride (to save on gas), i finished out the day, but it is quite likely i will never work for CJ ever again. i can't risk a meltdown.

so, the effect of this is, while my father still sub-contracts for CJ, i am out of work, while still having a job through my father. so no money coming in.

i would love to retaliate, and sick the ADA lawyers on CJ, but i must be the bigger man, and simply deny him the use of my labor, ever again. and quite frankly, i don't care if he ever knows why i chose this route.

i still want to work on the camper, but for now, it will have to be the no-cost projects, like prepping everything for when i can afford materials.

anyway, wanted to get that off my chest, and i hope my doing so does not offend anyone.
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