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Just getting started, don't have my pup trailer yet.

Little about me:
Well, for those who grew up in the 60's, you remember many of us wayward youth turned our backs
on society. We believed we were being programmed for a future of complete stupidity and hit the
road. We left the big city, and became experts at following the paved road > to the gravel road >
to dirt > to ruts, and eventually wilderness sublime. Those were the best days of my life.

Although, I was unable to avoid a future of complete stupidity, I am nearing my second childhood,
and again the call of the wild returns. I'm too old to fight a government that defies sanity, so maybe
I can escape once again where a dirty bomb can't find me. If I see any crappie that glow in the dark,
I'll know I have lost.
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