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Refill 8 oz butane canister with propane?

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I like the compact butane stoves that use an 8 oz bottle and am interested in refilling them with propane. I've refilled the 1 lb propane bottles from 20 lb propane tanks many times with no problems by the following method: Put the empty 1 lb bottle in the freezer 'till it gets cold, attach it to the adapter on the 20 lb tank and turn the rig upside down, open the tank's valve for a minute or more until it stops hissing into the bottle, then close the valve and remove the filled 1 lb bottle.

Will that same or a similar method work to refill the 8 oz butane bottles from 20 lb propane tanks? Is there a danger of over pressuring the 8 oz bottles since they don't seem to be as strong heavy metal a container as the 1 lb propane bottles?

I've found a couple of adapters that look made for the job, but would be glad for any additional suggestions. These are what I've found so far:

Thank you for any help learning to do this!
Maine, USA
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I found this three-piece kit that takes care of most of the gas conversion of gas tanks, and in addition to that, it has a zippered bag.
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